About Twistars Camp

Twistars is your only choice for summer gymnastics camp if you are serious about improving your gymnastics skills!

Twistars USA is ranked one of the most successful competitive program in the country. Our unique training philosophy has produced an incredibly impressive list of successful gymnasts. These include:

  • 2012 Olympian and 2011 World Champion, Jordyn Wieber
  • Over 50 National Champions
  • 40 Junior Olympic and Elite National Team Members
  • Over 130 State Championship Teams
  • Millions of dollars in Full Ride College Scholarship Athletes

Under the direction of Kathryn Geddert, the Twistars USA Summer Camp focuses specifically on preparing athletes for the next level by providing sound training advice and techniques.  Of course our camp gains additional popularity because of our energetic, fun-filled, safety-first approach to training.



The key to success is preparing athletes for the next level by teaching proper lead-ups and progressions.

Olympic, World and National Team Coach, Kathryn Geddert, has been training national caliber gymnasts for more than 30 years. They know what it takes to train gymnasts to advance their skills from good to great, and to achieve winning scores. Simply stated,

Our philosophy places emphasis on “what it takes to achieve SUCCESS in this very demanding sport.”

We focus on developing the core skills necessary to allow your gymnast to execute the next level of skills, with a goal of “near-perfection.” Proper lead-ups, progressions, strength and flexibility training, along with CHAMPIONSHIP ATTITUDES are the lessons taught at Twistars Camp. After all, a new skill is most valuable if it is executed with precision, receiving minimal (or no) deductions, and more importantly, receiving a big score when the judges are watching! The training techniques your gymnast will learn at Twistars Camp will carry over into their training back at your home gym and can be implemented all season long for improved results.


Yes, Twistars camp is for athletes who are serious about actually getting better at gymnastics. Now, to get some serious training done you’ve got to keep it fun. Witness first hand as one of our camp clinicians takes to the stage as Bob Barker.  Every Twistars camper will be on the edge of their seats (or, their spot on the spring floor) as we announce “You’re the next contestant on the Price is Right at Twistars!”

Twistars Camp is popular because we love to play games, give away prizes and use unique exciting activities to make serious training fun and enjoyable!  We consider fun a requirement of an effective training program!


Olympic, World and Nationally Known Coaches!

The Twistars Summer Camp features our own internationally celebrated coaches along with several nationally known clinicians from all over the United States. Past camp clinicians include Diane Amos (1996 & 2000 Olympic Coach), Dave Rawles (Libertyville), Glen Willmeng (UGA), Eilene Spicher (Splitz), Patti Bovee (Splitz, Michigan Coach of the Year.) Sam Morreale (Northern Illinois U), Dave Kuzara (Univ of Michigan), Dan Miller (U of Nebraska), Katie Teft (Iowa State), Randy Lane (UCLA), Jason Vonk (Yale), John Court (U of Arizona) and more.


Exciting evening activities are all included with your camp registration. Participation is optional but the fun is guaranteed!

The activities for this year have not been finalized yet.  Take a look at some of the past year's most popular activities.

  • Ice Skating
  • Mini Golf
  • Glow Bowling
  • Water Park
  • Potter Park Zoo
  • Laser Tag

*Activities vary for each session are are subject to change